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Principal Elaine Probst

Welcome to Blackwell Preschool!

Greetings families,

The world we live in today is quite different from the one we knew even two or three years ago. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we are most definitely not in Kansas any more…

Mask mandates and vaccines are on everyone’s mind. Ominous phrases like “social distancing,” “quarantine” and “isolation” have entered our daily vocabulary. So much that once felt solid and secure now seems to have melted into the air. 

As a parent of school-age children myself, I know only too well the frustration and angst of sending our children to school these days. As a school leader, I am humbled to have your trust.

In spite of all the changes, our commitment to providing high-quality learning has not. At Blackwell we foster evidence-based best practices for exceptional learning and encourage healthy interaction—adult-child as well as between the children—all while ensuring that everyone who walks our halls stays safe.

And Richmond Public Schools as a whole remains committed to a rigorous set of standards of learning—across all classrooms, programs and preschools. But we need your partnership to weather these challenges, now more than ever. 

I am so happy to welcome you to our little Bear Cave. I think you will see in no time that our dedication to the well-being and growth of our Little Bears is on display all day, every day at Blackwell Preschool Center!


With gratitude and appreciation,

Elaine Probst, EdD